Welcome Message

Welcome to FOODMED, Hong Kong's inaugural conference dedicated to advancing the scientific validation of food as medicine. Our mission is to integrate the medicinal properties of food into mainstream healthcare, contributing to global health and wellness.

Throughout this two-day event, we'll explore practical food applications as medicine, showcasing case studies and addressing diverse aspects of scientific validation, from bioactive compounds to dietary impacts on chronic conditions.

Collaboration is key. The conference fosters interdisciplinary discussions among researchers, healthcare professionals, regulatory experts, and industry stakeholders to bridge the gap between scientific research and practical implementation.

Join us in championing the recognition of food as medicine as we take actionable steps toward its seamless integration into mainstream healthcare. Your participation is vital in shaping the future of healthcare through the scientifically validated power of food as medicine.

Terence L.T. Lau
Interim Chief Innovation Officer,
Hong Kong Baptist University
Chairman, Food Safety Consortium